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Wow Couple Abubakar x haseenadd. It's really not about waiting. I wonder why love should. Quest for love. When you are married, should you cease to have friends of the opposite sex? Industrial Chic Bridal Shoot. A Bridal Inspiration Photo Shoot - bedgepictures.

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About last night at Halima's. Fluffy fur hand fan crafted. Photos From The Wellingtons!

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Joy of togetherness couple of. Elegant Bride Of the Week congratulations Zainab. Fans of The Golden Girls should see this movie to look for Estelle Getty in a small part in this iconic, critically acclaimed film. She is credited as Middle-Aged Woman in Tootsie. It follows the whimsical adventure of Maggie who receives three wishes after she comes across a rare edition of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Maggie, who is portrayed by Jenna Mattison , undergoes a remarkable transformation.

She portrays the title character Annie Eason, and the film also stars Richard Thomas who was the star of his own iconic show The Waltons. The movie was critically acclaimed, and it was also a commercial success. When it was first released on home video, a portion of its profits went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Katie and Ben Jordan are the married couple whose extreme ups and downs are chronicled in The Story of Us. The downs get really down, and it looks like they are headed for a certain divorce.

The story peels back the layers to seemingly try to examine the odd workings of long-term romance. The Wizard of Oz is one of the most beloved movies of all time, and the man who created that fictional world is author L. Frank Baum.


His books have inspired many films and stage adaptations of Dorothy and the mythical land of Oz. The famous feminist was the mother-in-law of L.

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Frank Baum, and her feminism and freethought are big influences on Baum and his work. Bea Arthur first appeared in the Broadway musical production of Mame. She reprised this memorable role in the film adaptation of the musical that was also called Mame. Bea starred in Mame opposite Lucille Ball. Although Bea expressed her gratitude for the chance to work with an icon like Lucille Ball, she thought Ball was miscast in the leading role of the film.

Bea went so far as to express regret about making it. However, it is a must-see for fans of Bea. As a made-for-television film, The Lost Valentine was a big hit with many viewers tuning in, and it is now available on DVD. The Lost Valentine is a sentimental tale story about how love can transcend time, distance, and great challenges.

Eddie Murphy stars in the offbeat comedy Holy Man. Essentially a send-up of TV evangelists who exploit faith for commercial gain, this movie holds nothing back in its over-the-top satire. Betty White plays Betty White in the comedy film. That is to say that she plays a fictionalized, much-exaggerated version of herself.

As Holy Man spoofs both television evangelists and home shopping networks, several celebrities make appearances hawking various goods and services. This perfume promises sexual fulfillment. With people looking for seasonal entertainment, you never know when a Santa film will be appreciated.

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Also, watching certain holiday movies even becomes an annual tradition for many families. Betty White appeared in a short film with a Christmas theme that has become a modern classic. Bea Arthur is part of all-star cast in the feature film Lovers and Other Strangers.


Femslash Friday: Gerda/The Robber Girl: Love and Knives Under the Northern Lights

Diane Keaton made her film debut in the comedy flick, and Sylvester Stallone even can be seen as an extra. Bea played the role of Bea Vecchio.

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However, in those days, she was still being credited as Beatrice Arthur. While Bea had appeared in an uncredited role in That Kind of Woman in , Lovers and Other Strangers was her first significant feature film role. She portrays the charming and somewhat scheming Miz Leona in the made-for-TV modern Christmas classic. Based on the novel A Christmas Love by Kathleen Creighton, A Holiday to Remember tells the story of a newly divorced woman who brings her daughter back to the small town she left behind many years ago.

She reluctantly rekindles a romance with a man she once left at the altar, and chaos ensues when a mischievous orphan enters their lives. Aside from memorizing lines, some actors needed to learn specific skills, like martial arts, flying a plane, or even mastering a made-up language! Connect with us. The Lorax Betty White is still going strong in Image via Universal Pictures. Image via Toho. Image via Lionsgate. Image via Sony Pictures Releasing. Image via 20th Century Fox.

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Image via Columbia Pictures. Image via Screen Media Films. Set aside all the witchcraft and wizardry and just consider Hermione Emma Watson as a hardworking student. What a great role model for the little girls reading or watching Harry Potter : A young woman who is enthusiastically, unapologetically smart. We could all do well to work half as hard as Hermione does.

Sabrina had been a character in the extended Archie comics universe since She weathered meddling by her witchy mother, Endora Agnes Moorehead , and always seemed no worse for any of it. If anyone deserves to be the No. She can intimidate with something as simple as a raised eyebrow. Witchcraft as bonding agent: Sukie Michelle Pfeiffer , Jane Susan Sarandon and Alex Cher combine forces to rid themselves of a problematic man Jack Nicholson and are all the better for it.

Runner up in this category: the sisters from Charmed.