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The Logos edition also allows you to perform powerful searches and word studies. Scripture references are linked to the wealth of language resources in your digital library.

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This makes Wesley's Explanatory Notes on the Old and New Testaments more powerful and easier to access than ever for reading, sermon preparation, research, and Bible study. Logos offers these great resources and more by John Wesley at an amazing discount in the 29 volume John Wesley Collection. An ardent student of the Bible, Wesley offers detailed, verse-by-verse observations of this portion of Scripture.

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A graduate of and later fellow at Oxford, Wesley brings his tremendous education and pious devotion to his study of Scripture. Based on his study of the original languages but presented in plain English, this work seeks to maintain the balance between scholarly depth and helpful accessibility.

The second volme of Wesley's notes on the Old Testament covers Judges chapter 15 through Psalm chapter Sample Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Wesley's notes on the New Testament covers all 27 books and includes introductory outlines to each.

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Long to wake up in His likeness and be satisfied with it. Be a lover of God and all mankind. Price: Add to Shopping Cart. Redfield, John Wesley Terrill, Rev. AP; Pgs.

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Like New. John Wesley Redfield was born January 23, The feeling of a call to preach was so strong that at the age of 8 he composed his first sermon.

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After comparing it to one of John Wesley's sermons he said, "Oh, I can never preach". This led to an aversion of the work of the ministry until one day at a camp meeting he gave his life over to God. His life was filled with both success and failure. He knew pain, self-doubt and fear but also had the knowledge that God had called him and placed him in the land for purpose. Great change requires great men.

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Men that have the ability to put the cause of others ahead of their own desires. Men of discernment that can see the true nature of the real enemy. Men that are not as fearful of failure as they are of success. False prophets cause the people to err from the way and prophesy deceits.

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  7. Beware of them! Price: 3. This great work is ranked by many crisis next to the Bible in Christian literature.

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    Extracts from both of these works are paraphrased and abridged by Wesley for the Explanatory Notes on the Old Testament, unlike the Explanatory Notes on the New Testament, which were entirely of his own composition. The Notes Upon The New Testament is considered to be one of John Wesley's principal works, and its readability, influence and popularity has remained since the time of its publication until today.

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