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To successfully grow up in the knowledge of God, we first need a foundation that goes deep. Lester Sumrall expounds on the doctrine of the Trinity, the ministry of the laying on of hands, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the divinity of Christ, tithing, the hereafter, healing, stewardship, and more.

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Covenants of God In the ancient world, covenant-making was common. The strength of covenants depends on those who make them. Without the book of Daniel, many other Bible prophecies would not be clear. David: The Israeli Champion This series explains what made David a champion in God's eyes, and why he different from many of his contemporaries. God is calling us to be champions, people with strength, greatness, power, authority, and blessing.

Demonology and Deliverance Vol. These could be regarded as the most timely and powerful lessons ever prepared by Dr. Focusing primarily on doctrine, Volume One examines such topics as the origin of Satan and demons, the names of Satan, recognizing demon power, demons and disease, the casting out of evil spirits, and demon influence upon the believer.

Also, Dr. Sumrall lists and answers some of the common questions on the subject of demons and deliverance. Sumrall became recognized as an authority on this subject, so much so that he was subpoenaed to the largest criminal court in the United States to offer expert witness.

How has He dealt with man in the past? How will He deal with man in the future? Beginning with the dispensation of innocence and ending with the time of the New Jerusalem, Dr. Lester Sumrall answers these and many more questions as he leads us through an examination of the dispensations.

The modern Church is often dubious of the supernatural, especially that which is manifested in dreams or visions. Dreams and visions must be tested with spiritual leadership, just like spiritual gifts. Prophetically, the time has come for many remarkable manifestations of the supernatural; Study with Dr.

Lester Sumrall as he introduces us to dreams and visions. Our world has misguided notions about ecstasy, with novels, films, and television extolling an ecstasy that is cheap, shallow, and temporary. Ephesians: Life in A. Sumrall the New Testament book of Ephesians, which focuses on Christ being the focus of all Christian worship and love being the most important virtue of the believer. Is it not amazing that the disciples of Jesus who lived in A.


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Faith, such as the prophet Elijah had, sealed the heavens from providing moisture for three and one-half years; then prayer in seven bursts of strength brought instant and abundant rain to a famine-stricken land. The faith that Moses possessed caused the Red Sea to part with the sweep of his hand; with a word, the sea formed a wide path so that more than two million people could cross dry shod. Faith, truly, can change the world. Understand more fully this source of available energy as you study with Lester Sumrall.

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Gifts of the Holy Spirit This study expounds on the gifts revealed in 1 Corinthians Lester Sumrall has been recognized as a leading authority on the subject of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, having gained much of his knowledge from the great Pentecostal pioneer Howard Carter.

Great People of History Realizing that he could learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others, Dr.

Lester Sumrall was a diligent student of history. Indeed, believers are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses Hebrews —Abraham, Joseph, Rahab, Moses, David, and many others—who testify that God is faithful.

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In Holy Days and Holidays, Dr. Sumrall explores their importance. Some of the issues covered are unbelief, depression, disappointment, anger, feelings of guilt, unforgiveness, anxiety, human grief, lust, rejection, bitterness, suicidal tendencies, a passive mind, sorrow loneliness, emptiness, apathy, unanswered prayer, alcoholism, social injustice, tragedy, deviate sex, feelings of insecurity, jealousy, cowardice, mistreatment, boredom, pride, and human failure.

Human Illness and Divine Healing The human being is made up of spirit, soul, and body, all intrinsically formed of God and integrated. Any of these three parts can break down and become damaged. Himself healed of tuberculosis at the age of seventeen, in this series Dr. Sumrall leads us on a journey through the Bible to understand the origin of human illness and how it can be overcome.

Healing, whether emotional or physical, is a subject of constant controversy. Our final authority must be the Bible. Spells that are strong and wrap around you and which possess a magic of their very own. However should those words come out in the wrong order or be directed in the wrong direction, then these Spells can cause a chaos of their very own too. Not only does she service the locals with her powers but she also preserves the barrier that is keeping their town, Penderin, safe.

I went to see Garth Nix talk at the Hay Festival. It was my first ever author talk, and it was wonderful. Along the way, I realised there was one aspect of story I already knew inside out and back to front. I already knew that the best adventures were filled with high stakes and personal challenges. How did I know? I left the UK on my own and made friends along the way. We slept on trains and visited friendly elephant reserves. We sailed down the Ganges to beautiful Varanasi. We slept in tents on the high plains and under the stars in the deserts.

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We climbed mountains, and on the last night, we climbed to an abandoned part of the Great Wall of China and camped in a dazzling lightning storm. Yes, my hair really was that red. My hardest adventure was climbing Kilimanjaro. The peak is 5, metres and a three-day hike from the park entrance. The higher you climb, the colder it gets and the water in your bottle freezes. The final push begins at 11pm at night, where you climb the steep scree slope under a star filled sky. The idea is to be at the top for sunrise.

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It sounds wondrous, but by this point all you can think about, for hours and hours, is putting one foot in front of the other. I sat on a rock and watched the sun crest the horizon, mesmerised by its red, orange and golden glory. By that point I was empty. And I was sure I had no energy to get down either.

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Did Kilimanjaro have mountain rescue? But I was wrong. I did have more. Talk about the power of words! Come on in! If you want to know about that one, come by an event or signing table and ask. I try to bring all my adventures into my writing. I hope you enjoy The Last Spell Breather, and it inspires you just like the stories I read as a child to have adventures of your own.