Phobia: An Art Deco Graphic Masterpiece (Dover Fine Art, History of Art)

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See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. A leader in promoting the Art Deco style in advertising art and book illustration, John Vassos undertook his most personal and ambitious work in this volume. Its twenty-four gripping images represent visceral depictions of common fears—the dread of heights, open and enclosed spaces, the dark, and the menace lurking behind other everyday situations. Doctors and the general public alike hailed Phobia as a masterpiece of psychological insight.

Vassos's creations exercised a profound influence on subsequent artists. His use of the hard-edged draughtsman's line, a technique that endows these images with their distinctive Art Deco character, is among his original contributions to the style. This edition features faithful reproductions of illustrations made from the original gouaches employing advanced printing techniques unknown in the s and '30s. The result, superior in quality to the original publication, offers an outstanding opportunity to appreciate an innovative artist's classic work.

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Stuart Walton. About this product Product Information A leader in the Art Deco style, John Vassos undertook his most ambitious work in this volume. Phobiawas hailed as a masterpiece of psychological insight by doctors and the general public alike. Its 24 gripping images convey the dread of heights, open and closed places, and other common fears. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less. Add to Cart. Any Condition Any Condition. See all 7.

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His treatment of erotic themes was generally delicate and veiled in his paintings, but his drawings gave full expression to his considerable sexual appetite. Although much of his work was not accepted during his career, due to his intense style, and graphic depictions, it was far more accepted following his death. In addition to the sales of his pieces increasing post death, many of the pieces that Gustav Klimt did create during the course of his career, were seen as some of the best to come out of Vienna, and some of the most influential pieces for future artists coming out of the city.

When he was seven years old, he already knew that the disease was transmittable. In the 19th century it was unknown how to fight this terrible disease, so Beardsley at very early age understood that he could also die unexpectedly, the feeling of death relentlessly stood behind him, forcing him to live as if every day could be the last.

Aubrey Beardsley has not received formal artistic education; his education was limited to three months of training at the Westminster Art School under the direction of Professor F. Brown in He was studying Japanese prints, where he has discovered the harmony of lines and spots.

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Depth of the traditional Japanese art allowed him to create an amazing fusion between East and West in his own drawings. Masterful virtuoso of graphically expressed line Beardsley was playing with black and white spots and silhouettes, and just in a year or two has become a world famous artist. This edgy, elegant style is a perfect match of literary predilections, which made him a leading figure in Art Nouveau. Features creativity Beardsley Most of the works were Beardsley book illustrations or drawings.

The artist developed a symbolist and decadent tendencies of late Pre-Raphaelite art, combining them with influences of Japanese prints sophisticated and whimsical. Beardsley, with virtuoso playing silhouettes and contour lines, identified many of the features of Art Nouveau graphics. The illustration impressed Wilde so much, that Wilde commissioned Beardsley to illustrate all of Salome. Beardsley was the intellectual creator at its core; the most important source for the master was the literature. Books became the core and essence of his creative life; he was inspired exclusively by literary characters.

His legacy is mainly illustrations of various covers, borders, backgrounds, endings, venzel keys and bookplates.

Beardsley, as well as the Pre-Raphaelites, was passionate about the art of medieval books with its holistic approach to the design of the page, the ratio of font lane illustrations, images in the fields master skilfully combines decorative framework with prisoners in their scenes. His work addresses to really educated people. Fantastic reminiscences of the classic themes are striking in their depth and severity. It was published with 8 other drawings, the title of the Salome illustration was an echo of her final words.

The true symbolist he was, he looked beyond the text. His approach infused his illustrations in much wider context, the homosexuality of its author, the changing role of woman in Victorian society and the fear of her felt by Victorian man.

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Beardsley portrays her with a mock dignity, putting the shameless temptress nose in the air and clothing her in elegantly rigid attire, her true nature revealed only in the form of her grotesque fist falling out from under the cape. Opening Beardsley style has greatly influenced contemporary art in general, from the roots and monograms to a multiple areas of modern and avant-garde formed schools and inspired many followers. His work has had an enormous influence on the further development of European art, specifically in posters, advertising and fashion magazines.