Stowaways: 1 (Return to Titanic)

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Stowaways on Steamships Entering USA, A 1911 Report

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Page 1 of 2 Showing 1 - 48 of 80 Next. Brooklyn, Burning Steve Brezenoff Author The Zombie Who Visited New The Mount Rushmore Face That The Ghost Who Haunted the The Everglades Poacher Who The Burglar Who Bit the Big The Grand Canyon Burros That The Crook Who Crossed the The Bowling Lane Without Any Hosono saw four lifeboats being launched and contemplated the prospect of an imminent death. He was "deep in desolate thought that I would no more be able to see my beloved wife and children, since there was no alternative for me than to share the same destiny as the Titanic ".

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But still I found myself looking for and waiting for any possible chance for survival. As he watched lifeboat 10 being loaded, an officer shouted, "Room for two more", and a man jumped aboard. He made it aboard safely and later commented: "Fortunately the men in charge were taken up with something else and did not pay much attention. Besides, it was dark, and so they would not have seen who was a man and who a woman. After the ship sank there came back again frightful shrills and cries of those drowning in the water.

Our lifeboat too was filled with sobbing, weeping children and women worried about the safety of their husbands and fathers. And I, too, was as much depressed and miserable as they were, not knowing what would become of myself in the long run. During Carpathia ' s voyage to New York, he used the paper to write an account in Japanese of his experiences. It is the only such document known to exist on Titanic stationery.

Hosono's story attracted little attention at first. He went to the offices of Mitsui in New York to ask friends for help to get him home.

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From there he travelled to San Francisco to find a ship back to Japan. According to a article released around the time of the blockbuster film Titanic , Hosono soon found himself the target of public condemnation. He was publicly condemned in the United States.

He lost his job and was condemned as a coward by the Japanese press. The article claimed that school textbooks described him as an example of how to be dishonourable and he was denounced as immoral by a professor of ethics. Western academics who read the article put forth various explanations why Hosono encountered such a hostile reaction.

It has been said that he was seen to have "betray[ed] the Samurai spirit of self-sacrifice". Alston and Isao Takei, is that he was seen as having failed to show the expected conformity and was believed to have selfishly pushed aside other passengers to board the lifeboat.

Stowaways found onboard vessels bound for Spanish ports

As a result he was subjected to mura hachibu or ostracism. Mehl attributes his ostracism to the perception that he had embarrassed Japan; the " women and children first " protocol was not part of the Samurai code, but had instead come to Japan via the book Self Help by Samuel Smiles , which was a huge success in translation and proved enormously influential in introducing Western values to Japan. Bruce Ismay. Hosono's story remained a source of shame for his family for decades.

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  • He never spoke of it himself, though his letter to his wife was published at least twice, soon after his death and later, in , when an unsuccessful bid was mounted to find the wreck of Titanic. Haruomi Hosono , Masabumi's grandson and leading member of the band Yellow Magic Orchestra , declared that he was "extremely relieved.

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    Honour has been restored to the Hosonos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Masabumi Hosono. Retrieved 10 October Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Hearst Corporation.